Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

castle on the hill

This song was created for Game of Bands round 75 : "Cautionary Tales"


The Castle on the Hill

I dreamed that we walked
Alone, you and I,
Past empty buildings
Beneath starry skies

That?s when we saw it
So black and so still
The towering castle
On top of the hill

So young and so foolish
And tipsy with love,
We rashly decided
To climb up above

The hill steep and rocky
So far to the top
But once we?d begun
We were too charmed to stop

At last too, exhausted,
To go one inch more,
There rose up before us
The great castle door

It swung open wide
We shivered in fright
At once the whole building
Was teeming with light

We stood there amazed
Such a scene to behold:
Tapestries, furniture,
Silver and gold

A long winding staircase
To great marble halls
And fine ancient paintings
That hung from the walls

And on a small table
A letter addressed
Just ?To the young couple?
The note told the rest

?You are chosen by fate
To possess this great palace
The keys and the deeds
Are within the gold chalice?

I was seizing that cup
So eager, so tired,
When my boss woke me up
?Young lady, you?re fired!?

Don?t go seeking castles
Built up in the air
You?ll only awaken
To find nothing?s there

And that?s why I sing this
Instructional song:
If you skip morning coffee,
You?re doing it wrong


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