Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Somewhere I'll Be Used

This song was created for Game of Bands round 82 : "Clockwork"


They made an orphan out of me
Lost in the machinery
Like I shouldn?t have made it
Now they call me an unfit

I spend every single day
Looking for a place to stay
But the perfection was done
Decades before I was born

I?m mourning here forever
Just waiting for my hour
But the gears just keep going
So harmonious and charming
I?m mourning here for my turn
Hoping to be their concern
Or for someone so confused
He?ll find somewhere I?ll be used

If only this world could stop
I?ll be happy as a prop

I?m mourning in the background
Searching victory as a sound
They hide their pain easily
So I can?t achieve what to be
I?m mourning those I have chased
They were too good to be replaced
I wish I could prove them wrong
To avoid the final gong

Looking for someone so confused
He?ll find somewhere I?ll be used? (x4)

The world opens again
But nobody?s work went vain
I thought our lives were over
Until I?m grabbed by the maker
He finally let me pass this door
I never left my home before
He puts me in a box
Where I don?t see any clocks
I can feel myself turning
And now, I can even sing
Oh, they would feel so abused
Knowing somewhere I am used
Knowing somewhere I?m amused
Knowing somewhere I am used?


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