Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Song of Ages

This song was created for Game of Bands round 6 : "Pop Clich?s (From Any Decade)"


Song of Ages

(Elvis verse)
My heart's a-thumpin'
Jumpin' out
Screamin' for ya'
Wailing loud

Callin? for ya?, baby
Answer now
Tell me somethin?
My heart?s in doubt

(60s verse)
And it's saying
There's something here
Let me lay you down
Hold you near

Fill the skies
And start the fire
Fill your soul
With my desire

I?ll breathe you in
And kiss the ground
Stretch my arms
To pull you down

Ignite the rain
Forbid the dark
Melt into me
And leave your scars

(Disco chorus)
After, let's move, just move
To the beat
Push out, pull up
Snap?to your feet

After, let's move, just move
To the beat
Push out, pull up
Snap?to your feet

(80s verse)
Because you're walkin' out
Having dragged me down
Taking pieces of me with you
As you ride all over town

You said you would remember
Stay forever by my side
But you?ve broken every promise
With your last and long goodbye

(90s verse)
Now there's nothing left to see
You've taken what was best of me
Left the madness, left the noise
Leaving nothing to fill the void

Crawling out beneath my skin
Reliving every starling sin
Killing off your memories
And living off the miseries

(Auto-tune chorus)
Now the world is ending
Lost in ghosts of your embrace
They carry me to sadness
Push me out to hollow space

Floating through the atmosphere
Final breaths escape the lungs
Despite the pain and sorrow
You were the best song ever sung

The last song ever sung


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