Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Sweet Ass

This song was created for Game of Bands round 87 : "Butts"


So there I was on a girls night out
(Drinking, dancing, prime romancing)
And suddenly boy you’ve come about
(Smiling and flirting my eyes aren’t averting)
Because you turn and all I can see
(my palms are sweating to grab you I’m betting)
Is that gorgeous bottom calling out to me

Its like a beacon in this bar
And I don’t care who you are
Cause all that I want right now
Is to seize that tail don’t ask me how
Oh boy, you have that ass
Oh boy that sweet sweet ass

I can’t stop from moving in nearer
Because I need to see it clearer
The way you’re filling out those je-ans
It looks even sweeter than jellybeans
But when I leave this place tonight
Come with me and don’t put up a fight
Baby your booty, it's just like a peach
And I'll take a bite once you’re within reach

Don’t turn and face me
Because that rear looks tasty
Shining, glistening, golden
That butt was made for holdin'
And you can't tell me I'm wrong!
I just wanna hold on!



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