Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Jaded Blood

This song was created for Game of Bands round 91 : "Acoustic"


Hasn’t prayed a day in his life
Got holes in his jeans
He screams about his cause but he’s
Not so sure what it means

He got confused within his head
Gave up, now he’s done
Just tried picking up the slack but
The world weighs near a ton

Looking for...something to fight
Looking for...the better side of life
Should’ve marked his way back from it
He just kicked back and decided to quit

A pitiful life of luxury
Taken for granted
Defined as the wrong place and time
He’s a plague transplanted

A nation rotting from inside
And what he seems to be best at
Is degeneration

Looking for...something worth plight
Looking for...a bit more spite
Should’ve marked his way back from it
He just sat back and decided to quit

Smoke from ear to ear like a cloud
Stuck in a deep rut
His jacket breaking at the seams
His old chucks thick with mud

Between four walls, beneath a roof
Undefined and lost
Dragged through life kicking and screaming
Sold out for less than cost

Always looking for
Just a little more
But he seems to always get
A hell of a lot less
Live some better way
Is what all of you say
He never wanted the same
Jaded blood runs in his veins

Finding something worth his time
Finding something anti sublime
Didn’t mark his way back from it
He just sat back and couldn’t commit

Time spent wasted
Is time enjoyed
Days are faded
And thought devoid
He doesn’t care
He’s out of time
Much worse for ware
And past his prime
Miles to go but
Less overcome
Relying on gut
But far from dumb
American dream
In his backyard
Easy as it seems
He won’t try hard



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