Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

These Days

This song was created for Game of Bands round 95 : "Mismatch"


We all know that death will find us,
i just hope we find ourselves first.

Its cold nowadays even if the temperature’s hot
life's severity is 10 fold nowadays, all we can do is watch the game that it plays
for days and days

energy is the only thing that keeps me going,
in this dark cave while I think of exploring.

I pray that it all falls into place,
I pray for nothing but jubilant days
Pray for nothing but......

we are all lost here, amidst all the fear
somehow, someway
there is always hope for the new day.

And..... These days,
I leave it all to god

And... these days,
I take it all in my hands,

And ..... these days,
its either all or nothing going against my plans

And, Now they all run?
oh, so they are not going to face me?
where is all the fun?

These thoughts are not liberating enough
coming to grips that life is an elaborate bluff

where the one that has everything
and the one that has nothing

both long for the end of this burn
envy of those that go the straight path
they are the ones that will immortally last

but I have mountains to climb before I have death to find
for if death is to treat me right

i must try to fully stay alive.



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