Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Playing Guitar To Pick Up Chicks 101

This song was created for Game of Bands round 101 : "101 Courses"


*Spoken: Welcome, class, to playing guitar to pick up chicks 101*

There are many reasons to learn the guitar
Some people do it just for the art
Some want to play the latest hits
But you just want to pick up chicks

This course has another perk
It needs hardly any work
So let's get to breaking hearts
This is how you're going to start

The first lesson is really easy
The chords G, C add nine and D
Learn them all in under a day
They're all you'll ever need to play

You only need to know three songs
'Cause it will only take that long
If someone needs to hear one more
You were never going to score

Grow your hair out wild and long
Even though on you it looks all wrong
Your tee's from a band no-one knows
We all know how this goes

You hope that the girls will date you
The guys will surely hate you
Everyone will see you and sigh
And say "look, it's that guy"

You can sing: Hey there Delilah
You're my Wonderwall
And tonight, my girl, we'll duet Hallelujah

I know that I'm the coolest guy around
Because I can play the guitar
Yeah I know that I'm pretty good
But D chords are kinda hard

I don't know who Iron Maiden are
And who cares for metal anyway?
Why would you ever learn a a song
If it will never get you laid?


So you managed to impress someone
With your fingering technique
She lies before you naked
What to do is covered next week


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