Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Suicide Jacket

This song was created for Game of Bands round 10 : "A Tribute to Your Favourite Musician/Lyricist/Vocalist"


I put on my suicide jacket
And took up my place in the queue
Then I furtively felt for that packet
I carry in case I meet you
But you weren’t around
So I stared at the ground
And I thought of damnation and death
And when that was through
All my thoughts turned to you
Oh your body, your lips, and your breath

I sent you a carrier pigeon
But you just put a stake through its heart
To show that you hadn’t a smidgeon
Of favor for romance or art
But I’d known all along
So I just wrote a song
That was filled with religion and sex
And as it was sung
I remembered your tongue
And its prayers, so sublime and complex

That banker that you recommended
He told me, “You’re just born to lose:
Your metaphor’s overextended,
There’s bubblegum under your shoes.”
Though I knelt at his throne
So sincere, so alone,
Still his blessing he never would give
He just said, “You’re a wreck.”
Then I wrote him a check
There are habits we never outlive.

So I went back to drink in my cabin
And I listened to knocks on the wall
It was only a woodpecker stabbin’
But he seemed to get nowhere at all
And his stabbin increased
Then it suddenly ceased
So I guess the old pecker gave up
Then I thought about you
And the things you don’t do
And I poured more red wine in my cup


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