Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Bullet and the Stray

This song was created for Game of Bands round 113 : "Once Upon a Time in the West"


The Bullet and the Stray

The sunsets in my eyes,
As a tear falls down to dust
With a distant sound of trouble,
The water turns to rust
Peace is shattered silently
Though in the streets it blows
The stranger rides to hope street,
His face his hanging low
She takes the strike for insolence
She takes the justice dealt
With a hold on love the jailer tolls
The strain of freedom felt
For prison is a place
Where walls are built around
This Town it holds a hundred souls
Beaten down to sand

When the wind blows in the oak tree
When the free are not enslaved
A name means nothing to you or I
We all just wash away

A saviour to the people
Save me from myself
The troubled past forgotten
By the bullet and the stray
When I walk down
When I walk down
When I walk I hear it
The Bullet and the stray

My blood boils in the desert
The september rattled sun
The words like chatter echo
Through the barrel of a gun
A stranger offers comfort,
The price to pay is high
The devil's in the detail
The man returns to sky


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