Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Spy With Two Faces

This song was created for Game of Bands round 114 : "Theme to a made-up James Bond film"


Your job is not for the faint of heart
You'll be fine if you play your part

They won't know what hit them
Then it's too late
They won't know what hit them
Don't you wait

You're a fool if you take this lightly
One mistake, one slip
Consequences deadly

Operator, infiltrator
You're a mystery
Breaking hearts, breaking rules
Fighting a one-man war

A spy with two faces (two faces)
A man of many places
Loyal to one, not any other
But you'll string along
The unfortunate ones

You are not who you appear to be
One face for them
Another for me

Late night
Black Tie
You walk in to my life
I can't tell if this is all a lie

A spy with two faces
Gone before morning
You don't leave any traces
But I linger on
Your briefest embraces (your briefest embraces)
Your talk and flirtations

Someday there won't be any going back
No agent to turn
Only your face, no mask

White lies
Neat tricks
Won't save your neck
No escape, no chance for regrets

A spy with two faces
Your big mistake
Is trusting me to be exactly as I am
But you're not the only one
Who can be who they need to be whenever they need to
Your time is done

A spy with two faces
You have no more places
To hide from me
You can run, you can try
Your disguises don't work
Your plans failed you
You're not the only one playing this game


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