Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

When Our Minute Ends

This song was created for Game of Bands round 118 : "Song from the Same Album as a Past Game of Bands Submission"


Followup to Midnight Curfew (One More Minute Can't Hurt)
Music:A_FABULOUS_PLUM Lyrics:EGOtyst vocals:joshthewolf

From the Album "Gazing At My Shoes"


Thought we'd make it well
You were laying in my car
Then it all went to hell
Shower of falling stars

What did we say or do
That made you turn away
The ringing was the clue
to What stopped us both halfway


Quietly driving you home,
Hurt by the last few minutes
Both of us, on our own
know we cannot be committed

For a minute we were combined
Had the world in both our hands
And then we hit the lines
The past drew in the sands


The magic that we felt
in our sincere embrace
suddenly was dispelled
desire became misplaced

Our other loves were calling
Before we were fulfilled
Our last kiss just forestalling
admission of our guilt


Silently driving you back,
a stunning sense of loss
Turtured by the flashback
and what our tryst could cost

Our families know each other
The kids are schoolyard friends
A Father drops off the mother
In the rearview our minute ends.


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