Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

No Consequences

This song was created for Game of Bands round 118 : "Song from the Same Album as a Past Game of Bands Submission"


Inspiration: The Greatest Generation -

No Consequences

Verse: 0:25

Best when you're young
can party hard with no consequences
Friends and lovers
give the meaning to those thoughtless glances
It's not cheap
but a fast paced job can pay expenses
Don't you worry
None of this can follow you home

bridge 1:17

Won't Stop
gotta drop top
Don't Stop
won't drop

rap: 1:35

We're young
we don't need to listen
bout poor cousin charlie
and his smack addiction
It's yayo
it's fun you fool
keeps the party going
and it won't run you
Ma says
keep them legs closed
don't want kids tuggin on them pantyhose
Got the pill, bitch
don't you see
ain't no consequences for my friends or me

Verse: 2:00

Drinks keep flowing
they make the memories I can't remember
I'm still jonesing
as much snow flowing as in september
Are you holding
front me some we can get off together
Freebase is jumping
this day will follow me now forever home

Bridge: 2:35

Don't Stop
can't stop
you must cop
you'll never stop

Rap: 2:52

Like that
it turns on you
dope fiend charlie
tried to tell you
started out with
lines in the bar
now you're turning tricks
in a strangers car
Crack Kills
and GRID does too
took your job,
your money, your friends
your life, your brain
your dignity too

Once was the prom queen
now im a crack fiend
Suburban prom queen
Trick turning crack fiend


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